Kratom Product Reviews ( Vendor Specific )

topic posted Wed, November 28, 2007 - 4:22 PM by  Charles
This thread is devoted to product specific reviews and discussion.

There is often such a difference between 'identical' products from the various vendors. We'll need to specify both the vendor name and product name when posting to ensure accuracy.

I look forward to hearing your reviews!

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  • You can always get a pretty good deal from JustKratom.ecrater. com They have better prices than most and quick shipping. Not a whole lot of variety but good Bali Kratrom. Really fine powder. Mixes well, still tastes like crap. I need to get a capsule maker.
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      • Hey all - I have a great new vendor in the UK. Delivery is FAST. And the quality of the products are superb. I had lost hope in my previous suppliers the quality was just not up to standard anymore. But these guys are so worth checking out. Their caps are great and the Super Indo powder is a great steal. Dont be put off them being in the UK...I promise you the service is so fast. I would really love to hear back if anyone does give them a try and your reviews....thanks!
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    I buy kratom from Arena Ethnobotanicals... very very very fast shipping and great prices. I've spoke to a couple of people who work there ... very very very nice people !
    • Nice selection and nice looking site.
      More people should find out about rivea. I bet an amazing antidepressant could be made with a tiny bit of that and a little bit of kanna.
      rivea doesn't have the toxic body load of HBW seeds and is super strong.
      • yeah, every time I eat BHW i get hella sick, watching the swirling colors as I hurl into the porcelain God. I don't think i'll do them again. I did have some potent revelations though. it's too tough on the body.
        • HBW? BHW? What is it?
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            Hawaiian baby woodrose,
            HBW, HBWR=

            relish the intensity! *HURL*
            • I ate 230 heavenly blue morning glory seeds once and had my wicked strong LSA experience. Too much for me, so that is the only time I did LSA.

              LSD is another story, I've had like 6 acid trips and will likely go on more in the future.

              Still reading up on Kratom, who knows if I'll try that or not :)
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                It's worth a try.
                It's like an opiate, but it isn' weird?!
                I love Kratom. It's been many months.
                • sorry, it's a seed that has a chemical similar to acid, imo, not quite as gnarly as acid but surely potent in it's own right. but the seeds have poisonous alkyloids that make you sick, so you gotta hurl while you trip balls. only for the foolhardy or intrepid adventurers. eat 4-8 seeds, you won't have to wonder wether you are getting off or not. It WILL kick your ass. they have to be fresh though, not years old.
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                    I know you were just trying to give a quick rundown of the info for someone who asked, but please be careful to give info that is as accurate and precise as possible. There is a lot of rumor and myth about such seeds that are simply not true. I have decades of study and experience in this. HBWR seeds are far less nauseating than MG, IMO. I have never gotten major nausea from them. This is one factor that can vary wildly, from case to case. Both personal biology and individual batch of seeds are huge factors here.

                    Prep is another. Cold water extractions, when done properly, will eliminate most or all nausea.

                    It is NOT known that the seeds themselves contain "poisonous" alkaloids. Well, first, "the poison is in the dose" as the old saying goes. You drink enough water, and it can become toxic. The very same chemicals in the seeds that "make you trip" are also toxic at high doses. The biggest concern is vasoconstriction and hypertension. In a healthy individual at modest doses, this is unlikely to be worrisome. You have probably also read about "cyanogenic glycosides" at some point, if you've really done your homework. These can be present in seeds. They are also present in the seeds of a lot of different plants that you regularly eat. You ever heard the urban legend that "there is cyanide in apple seeds?" (alternate version says "peach pit," I think). These are cyanogenic glycosides, which are not the same as cyanide. However, when mixed with an enzyme in the saliva, IT IS POSSIBLE that hydrogen cyanide (which is rather toxic) can be formed. Yet another reason to do extractions, and not chew seeds. lol

                    The amount of cyanogenic glycosides or formation of actual hydrogen cyanide is probably minimal and unlikely.

                    Do also keep in mind that most drugs which affect serotonin or dopamine strongly can cause nausea all on their own (via increased levels of these neurotransmitters)

                    While it is best to keep seeds stored in a cool, dry, dark place, nature has actually done an amazing job preserving the alkaloids inside these seeds. HBWR are thick-shelled and hairy. MG seeds are very hard, and black/brown. If stored in decent conditions, I have seen reasonably potent seeds still seeming reasonably potent YEARS after purchase/harvest. Years.

                    Most commercial seeds are UN treated. Especially through ethno vendors. Doesn't hurt to wash them anyway.
        • Those HBWR seeds can be very emedic.
          • HBWS'

            Only make you hurl if you no process them'
            soak the smashed up seeds in a little water with Lacto-bacili (used to make yogurt)(ferment for 2 days) the bacili eats the Cyonide Glucasides' converting the sugars to Hydrogen cyanide'
            Add peppermint and dry it gently at room temp'

            Rivea ethanol extract and peppermint is the Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzks'

            200 Glories ethanol extract and peppermint is the Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzks'

            Sumatran Kratom is the cooky' with a little Bleeding Heart to drop the stimilating effect' Gouch Gouch Gouch' he he hum'


            Nobuoni +

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              Ethan's Potent Indonesian kratom incense had an aroma that took me nicely by surprise, and just had to
              order some more of this amazing strain.

              Ethan always is very generous with his surprise samples, which is how first got to try this Potent Indo, it's really quite unique from the other regular Indos that I have tried, in the past! Wish that I could have ordered more than just 4 ounces that I sent for yesterday, but I asked
              Etan to save some for me next time...

              So many different strains, so little money! ROFL!
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  • Stay away from iamshaman. They were charging my credit card and lied about refund. Stick with companies that are afiliated because often time companies are operating scam groups. Many vendors own multiple sites. I need somebody trustworthy, who will ship a real product...Do you know of any seed vendors not owned by, and any kratom sited that offer Real Kratom?
    • *that aren't afiliated with other companies*
      • I agree that small companies are usually WAY better. The bigger the company is often times the less likely they are to care about your business or give a crap about how you liked the product or service.
        • Wish this weren't the case. In a way it is understandable. Doesn't make it right or good.

          I used to deal with this one kratom vendor who was popular on a certain biased forum. This was one of their up-and-coming vendors at the time. He was well known for high customer service, which is why I chose him from a long list. What I read was true... he practically held my hand through the first order, as I picked and chose which might have been best for my situation. (All the while talking back-and-forth in code... god bless He sent my order, which was large-ish (way over $100) and a couple freebies for me to try.

          I ordered from him a few other times over the next couple years. Always over $100 material. Never as complicated for him as the first time (I am usually an easy customer). Usually got freebies. After a handful of orders, I was placed in a "customer appreciation" thing, where I would get discounts, etc, for being so regular. I even gave him a number of referral customers.

          Fast forward a couple years, and he is getting bigger. Decides to expand. Gets a new website. Starts selling some stuff other than kratom. it just so happens i need another order, so I plan one. I notice he has some new products I hadn't seen before, or heard of anywhere else, so I shoot him a quick email. No response. Try again. Nothing.

          I go ahead and order anyway. It comes in slower than it has in the past, and the quality of the material seems down. No freebies. No discount. I was so sad, I almost felt like a friend had turned their back on me. :(
          • i actually joined tribe specifically to comment on your post.

            something about the description of your experience with this vendor makes me think i might know who you're referring to. is it possible that the owner of this company turned his business over to a new owner? if it's the same vendor i'm thinking of, i have some experience with them. if i were you, i'd consider e-mailing and sharing your concerns. it's possible the day you ordered it was just especially hectic/busy. either way though, that really sucks :( it's awful feeling unappreciated after years of loyal patronage.
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  • Not sure if all the vendors are like this right now, but the Bali I got yesterday from seemed much stronger than I remember it being. Definitely recommended. I wonder if the Maeng Da is worth it?
    • The best Maeng Da I have ever ever gotten is from It is so strong and so worth it! According to their website, I guess its organic and uncut--and alot of people cut their stuff.

      I think the Maeng Da from kratom quality is way better than any extract i have tried. Crushed or Powdered Leaf is the way to go!

      Plus they are local to where I am, and i can pick it up.. which is awesome !
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    • I have to agree, honestkratom's bali is very nice.
      These days I'm getting most of my kratom from either sonoran song, phytoextractum, and herbalfire, in that order. Sonoran Song has quality bikhuk strains and packages it really well. Phytoextractum also has bikhuk strains and is an excellent vendor. Herbalfire is good, but I'm turned off by their corporate attitude these days.

      I'm convinced that poor storage leads to weird effects on the alkaloid profile. Aged kratom is still effective, but it sedates more than it stimulates. Might be good for some, but I think most kratom users would prefer a mixture of both.
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  • I just recieved my first order from I ordered at 8 pm on friday and received the package first thing monday morning! super quick! I just tried the "Enhanced Maeng Da" at 5 grams parachuted with grapefruit juice and a squeeze of lime. Wow! this is super nice! a little nauseous but definitely an incredible aroma! I only ordered 10 g's of "isol 8" (8% pure extract), 5 g's of the "Enhanced Maeng Da", and 2 g's of Kanna (wanted to try it), but they sent me that plus a bunch of samples! The sample was about 10 g's of "potent indo", around 10 g's of "Sundanese", and 5 g's of "Gold Reserve". I am very happy with the order especially as the first I tried ("enhanced Maeng Da") is super potent.
    This is the first time I actually really "feel it". Before that I went to a local head shop (Dragon Herbarium) that carries it and payed $25 for an ounce of what he called their best (they have a variety) called "T-Rex". All I felt was my mood enhanced a little bit and a little extra energy. I knew better too because when I started researching it people on forums said they where way over priced etc. But I was set on trying it right away unconcerned about the premium price. Never again! From now on Herb Research for sure. Man I feel good.
  • I was buying quantity from Bikhuk(a very good company).However,they have been having problems with U.S. customs for some reason.I assume that it is just because they(customs a-holes) can and have nothing better to do.
    Now,I buy from Kratom Depot.Able(the proprietor) is EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable.Their product is top notch and shipping is amazingly quick.When I was still in the U.S. I could order monday and receive it wednesday.I have tried numerous vendors,but have been I have been buying from KD for quite a while now.They are very honest and will answer your questions in a timely fashion.Often,for new customers,they will include a sample of a new or different strain.No form letter answers.They do reply personally.I currently live in South America and my order was delivered USPS priority mail without problem in 10 days.This is saying a lot considering the antiquated mail system in South America.Give them a try.I receive no compensation from this endorsement and am only a loyal customer

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