Combining Kratom with Other Herbs

topic posted Sat, December 20, 2008 - 6:14 PM by  WolfdogNM
Kratom mixes well with many herbs. Mixing it with other stimulant herbs will synergize toward the stimulant side. Mixing Kratom with sedative herbs will synergize it toward the sedative/opiate-like side.

A mix of Kratom with Salvia divinorum will cause a strong synergy toward the psychedelic side.

Sedative Kratom mixtures/combos one had found of interest included; Kratom + Kava kava, "+ Skullcap herb, "+ Sacred lotus, "+ Blue Lotus, "+ Valerian root, "+ Wild/Klip Dagga, "+ Motherwort herbs(Marihuanilla), "+ catnip, "+ Amanita muscaria.

Stimulant Kratom mixtures that one had found of interest; Kratom + Coffee(the extract mixed well in hot coffee), "+ cocoa(the extract mixes well into hot chocolate too), "+ kola nut, "+ Guarana, "+ yohimbe, "+ betel nut, "+ Ephedra herb, "+ Sida cordifolia, "+ hoodie cacti, "+ bitter lime leaf and/or zest.

One or more of the above can be mixed with the Kratom at the same time too. One had found a combo of Kratom, yohimbe, ephedra and a caffeine source to be a good pre-work out mixture.

A combo of Kratom, lotus(either or both types), Valerian root and kava kava root were a good pre-bed time sleeping aid too.

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  • I am planning to combine kratom with tobacco - I intend to ingest the kratom orally using the "toss and wash" method, and I am a regular tobacco smoker and am bound to have a few cigarettes during my experience.

    I will warn others, however, that many people report vast amounts of nausea when smoking tobacco and taking kratom. I will post my experience when my order of kratom arrives and I take it (if anyone would be interested to hear about it). I am hoping that nausea only occurs for some, and that it won't for myself.

    This information was very helpful, Christopher! Thanks!
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      and it really is good to not be and idiot, and do some study on the herbs before you start mixing them like spaghetti sauce. most things are ok. some can kill you. the idiot factor is what decides it.
  • Wow!

    I am no going to even entetain this pile of rubbish'

    I will say' this is open forum and you are a prize class one idiot'
    Do you actualy know of what you posted'

    Brain surgery! plus heart attack'

    The moderator should remove this pile of doo-doo!

    Kratom is sacred'

    You have been noted!


    Nobu +

    P.S. If you no puke first time out on Kratom' you are no eating enough!

    Be safe !!

    Kratom is amongst many things an NMDA agonist' you shall no want to be toking loads of baccy or mixing her with the mentioned herbs' unless you wish to negate the healings Kratom can bring'
    • I'm researching various Indonesian herbs that combine really well with kratom. Gambir stem, is an even stronger source for NMDA antagonists and can greatly potentiate kratom. There is another few herbs that combine well that are found in the same forests of Indonesia. Another example of one is Vitex. It is a mild mu agonist, decreases LH ( hormone) which increases dopa. There are some other plants that can multiply the effect.
      • Another STELLAR combo of Indonesian herbs is kratom with Pasak Bumi. One problem with kratom is that it can decrease arousal in some situations. Pasak Bumi seems to counter this for both men and women. This is not a new combination, people have been combining these two in Malaysia and perhaps indonesia for a long time.
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          vitex, as in ming ji zi?

          wouldn't happen to carry pasak bumi now, would ya?
          • I'm having some sent from Indonesia. Really fun stuff. I don't sell it but there are a lot of people that do.

            and yea, vitex is man jing zi. Great for headaches too. By blocking LH hormone release there is rumors that vitex is used to modify sexual performance too.
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              hee hee, thats helpful. where do i look for lots of people that do?

              when you say modify sexual performance, is that good or bad?

              (have you tried mixing placenta hominis extract with maeng da?) (zippity do da)
              • Calamus goes very well with kratom. Calamus in small doses (big pinch) is stimulating. It synergizes very well and calamus has been used for stomach disorders for ages and since kratom can upset your stomach, calamus soothes it out nicely. I use this combo every day( 1/2 teaspoon 15x Thai powder with pinch dried,crushed calamus root. Very effective. I was taking methadone but no more. Don't need it now. This mix really works very well!
                • What a great idea. Calamus is great at countering the pyloric stenosis that kratom can sometimes cause. have you ever tried a thin slice of fresh calamus, just holding it in the mouth?

                  Great job getting off the 'dones.

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